This activity has adventurous and experiential qualities that integrate extreme sports, adrenalins, and a sense of excitement and wildness.

The participants will receive the necessary equipment for rock climbing in the desert like our ancestors once lived. The trip will be accompanied by a qualified guide and medic.

Duration: 4 Hours

Location:  Across all Israel

Rappelling in ancient quarries

"Ancient quarries" is a special type of cliff surfing with an impressive ancient quarries site in the Carmel.
It is located two kilometers south of Kibbutz Beit Oren.
It combines the possibility of challenged surfing and relaxed surfing.
It provides a shady place for most of the day and sits above the "Alon" river allowing you to observe its unique and spectacular view, which is known as "The Green Mountain".
The rappelling experience is a challenging yet exciting experience where there is no need for previous knowledge or training and is suitable for beginners. At the beginning of the activity, the participants will receive a brief and their surfing equipment - harnesses, ropes, helmets, etc.
The guides that accompany the activity are professional guides with a certificate approved by the competent authorities. This entire activity is supervised in the most professional way because of the use of modern and safe surfing equipment that is tested prior to any activity (every activity is insured by an expanded professional insurance, which covers both the participants and the instructors).
All you have to do is to enjoy this extreme activity and you will be experienced on how it feels being held between sky and earth!!!

Duration: Half a day.

Location: Mountain Carmel – Mahzevot Kdumim